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摘要:  VETASSESS重要变化:不再承认全职博士研究经验。


Currently VETASSESS considers paid doctoral research level studies as valid employment for skills assessment purposes.

Please be advised that as of 15 December 2018, VETASSESS will not accept paid doctoral studies for skills assessment purposes, consistent with the Department of Home Affairs requirements. For skilled employment to be considered ‘remunerated’, applicants must be engaged in the occupation on a paid basis, generally at the award or market rate of the occupation. A person receiving minimal living allowances or scholarships designed to cover study expenses would not be considered to be remunerated. 

VETASSESS will continue to ensure that impact on its clients is minimised during the transition leading up to the implementation date. Applications received prior to 15 December 2018 will be processed according to the criteria at the time of applying.

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